Live Installers

Void provides live installer images containing a base set of utilities, an installer program, and package files to install a new Void system. These live images are also useful for repairing a system that is not able to boot or function properly.

There are x86_64 images for both glibc and musl based systems. There are also images for i686, but only glibc is supported for this architecture. Live installers are not provided for other architectures. Users of other architectures will need to use rootfs tarballs, or perform an installation manually.

Installer images

Void releases two types of images: base images and "flavor" images. Linux beginners are encouraged to try one of the more full-featured flavor images, but more advanced users may often prefer to start from a base image to install only the packages they need.

Base images

The base images provide only a minimal set of packages to install a usable Void system. These base packages are only those needed to configure a new machine, update the system, and install additional packages from repositories.

Flavor images

Each of the Void "flavor" images includes a full desktop environment, web browser, and basic applications configured for that environment. The only difference from the base images is the additional packages and services installed.

The install process for each of the flavor images is the same as the base images, except that you must select the Local source when installing. If you select Network instead, the installer will download and install the latest version of the base system, without any additional packages included on the live image.

Comparison of flavor images

Here's a quick overview of the main components and applications included with each flavor:

Window ManagerEnlightenment Window ManagerMutter (Muffin)OpenboxOpenboxMetacity (Marco)xfwm4
File ManagerEnlightenment File ManagerNemoPCManFMPCManFM-QtCajaThunar
Web BrowserFirefox ESRFirefox ESRFirefox ESRQupZillaFirefox ESRFirefox ESR
TerminalTerminologygnome-terminalLXTerminalQTerminalMATE terminalxfce4-Terminal
Document Viewer----Atril (PS/PDF)-
Plain text viewer----PlumaMousepad
Image viewer--GPicViewLXImageEye of MATERistretto
Archive unpacker----Engrampa-
OtherMixer, EConnMan (connection manager), Elementary Test-LXTask (task manager), MIME type editorScreen grabberScreen grabber, file finder, MATE color picker, MATE font viewer, Disk usage analyzer, Power statistics, System monitor (task manager), Dictionary, Log file viewerBulk rename, Orage Globaltime, Orage Calendar, Task Manager, Parole Media Player, Audio Mixer, MIME type editor, Application finder