5. About this HOWTO

The Encrypted Root Filesystem HOWTO was first written in november 2002 for the Linux From Scratch project. I'd like to thank the many people who have since contributed to this document (in reverse chronological order): Micha Borrmann, Dennis Lemckert, Oleg Vyushin, Ellen Bokhorst, Daczi László, Gaetano Zappulla, Guillaume Lehmann, Claude Thomassin, Jean-Philippe Guérard, Luc Vo Van, Jacobus Brink, Ernesto Pérez Estévez, Matthew Ploessel, Mike Lorek, Lars Bungum, Michael Shields, Julien Perrot, Grant Stephenson, Cary W. Gilmer, James Howells, Pedro Baez, Josh Purinton, Jari Ruusu and Zibeli Aton.

This HOWTO has been translated in various languages:

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