jmock2 - Test Java code using mock objects

License: Open Source
Vendor: JPackage Project
jMock is a library that supports test-driven development
of Java2 code with mock objects.
Mock objects help you design and test the interactions
between the objects in your programs.
The jMock library:
* makes it quick and easy to define mock objects, so you
  don't break the rhythm of programming.
* lets you precisely specify the interactions between your
  objects, reducing the brittleness of your tests.
* works well with the autocompletion and refactoring
  features of your IDE
* plugs into your favourite test framework
* is easy to extend.


jmock2-2.5.1-1.jpp5.noarch [195 KiB] Changelog by Ralph Apel (2011-05-16):
- 2.5.1
jmock2-2.5.1-1.jpp5.src [1.1 MiB] Changelog by Ralph Apel (2011-05-16):
- 2.5.1

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