multcomp: Simultaneous Inference in General Parametric Models

Simultaneous tests and confidence intervals for general linear hypotheses in parametric models, including linear, generalized linear, linear mixed effects, and survival models. The package includes demos reproducing analyzes presented in the book "Multiple Comparisons Using R" (Bretz, Hothorn, Westfall, 2010, CRC Press).

Version: 1.4-25
Depends: stats, graphics, mvtnorm (≥ 1.0-10), survival (≥ 2.39-4), (≥ 1.0-2)
Imports: sandwich (≥ 2.3-0), codetools
Suggests: lme4 (≥ 0.999375-16), nlme, robustbase, coin, MASS, foreign, xtable, lmtest, coxme (≥ 2.2-1), SimComp, ISwR, tram (≥ 0.2-5), fixest (≥ 0.10), glmmTMB
Published: 2023-06-20
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.multcomp
Author: Torsten Hothorn ORCID iD [aut, cre], Frank Bretz [aut], Peter Westfall [aut], Richard M. Heiberger [ctb], Andre Schuetzenmeister [ctb], Susan Scheibe [ctb]
Maintainer: Torsten Hothorn <Torsten.Hothorn at>
License: GPL-2
URL: The publishers web page is
NeedsCompilation: no
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In views: ClinicalTrials, Survival
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Reference manual: multcomp.pdf
Vignettes: Supplementary Material for "A re-evaluation of the model selection procedure in Pollet \& Nettle (2009)"
Simultaneous Inference in General Parametric Models
Additional Examples


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Reverse dependencies:

Reverse depends: BSagri, curvecomp, factorplot, HH, ILS, medflex, mutossGUI, nparcomp, postHoc, tukeytrend
Reverse imports: AgroR, ANCOMBC, ANOM, augmentedRCBD, breathtestcore, cases, CausalModels, censcyt, cg, CIplot, coin, Crossover, Deducer, diffcyt, DImodels, DMCHMM, drc, drcte, easyDes, esci, ggpmisc, gMCP, ibd, ICRanks, iNZightRegression, jmv, lavaSearch2, lmDiallel, LMMstar, MAGNAMWAR, MANOVA.RM, MCPAN, mixlm, mlmm.gwas, mlt.docreg, mratios, multiCA, mutoss, NADA2, nph, perccalc, piecewiseSEM, Publish, qPCRtools, RABR, rankFD, rms, rtpcr, seedreg, sensR, SimComp, spANOVA, spass, spatialreg, tram, tramicp, treekoR, TTAinterfaceTrendAnalysis, twosigma, VetResearchLMM
Reverse suggests: afex, BiodiversityR, BrailleR, broom, cotram, DAPAR, doBy, DoseFinding, ecostats, emmeans, ETC, evtree, fastR2, FixSeqMTP, flexmix, georob, ggplot2, glmglrt, GLMMadaptive, glmmTMB, gMCPLite, HSAUR2, HSAUR3, languageR, mcprofile, melt, metafor, microbenchmark, mlt, msqrob2, multcompView, MVA, paircompviz, PairViz, papaja, parameters, PMCMRplus, psychotools, Rcmdr, RcmdrPlugin.EZR, RcmdrPlugin.NMBU, Sleuth3,, tramME
Reverse enhances: spaMM


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