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R Interface to the Metabolights REST API

To install the latest development version directly from GitHub;


metabolighteR provides access to the Metabolights RESTful API. To get started you first need to register and then obtain an API Token from your Account Settings page.

This API Token is required for the vest majority of the API calls, therefore it is a good idea to add the API token to your .Renviron (NOTE: this is NOT recommended if you are using a shared workstation or a workstation where you cannot guarantee the secrecy of your API Token).

If you are adding the API Token to your .Renviron, you should use the following format;


Then once you load the library; you can set the API Token as an option variable.



If you haven’t added your API Token to the .Renviron; the the API Token can be set as an option by passing the API Token as an argumnet in the set_api_token function.