R CRAN package diptest: Hartigan’s diptest for unimodality (including p-values)

Although this package diptest has been created a long time ago, with a first CRAN publication in 2003, see the official page of CRAN package diptest, the package development sources and history have only been made available on Nov.30, 2020.

As with my R package sfsmisc, I was able to keep most of the editing and development history of this package, using my emacs backup files (*.~) together with some RCS (*,v) histories, using my G2RCSn shell script, and most importantly a ruby script to create a git repos including history, see here, for how it worked with sfsmisc: https://mmaechler.blogspot.com/2014/08/how-i-got-175-years-old-github.html