Changes in version 0.4.4

##Minor bug fixes and improvements * pairs.debinfer_result now handles chains stuck at the initial value more gracefully. # Changes in version 0.4.3 ##Minor bug fixes and improvements * clarifications in documentation * patched bug in truncdist::dtrunc * internal type checking and control flow tidied up to be compatible with upcoming changes in R 4.2.0 # Changes in version 0.4.2 ##New Functionality * New sampler type rw-ref, an implementation of the reflecting random walk described in Yang and Rodriguez 2013. The sampler reflects on the bounds of the associated prior distribution. ##Changed functionality * runtime plotting during the MCMC procedure de_mcmc(... , plot=TRUE) now omits fixed parameters * correlation coefs in pairs plot now scale with strength of correlation ##Minor bug fixes * sampler messages in de_mcmc now follow the setting for verbose.mcmc rather than verbose * added github URLs to DESCRIPTION * updated CITATION to reflect publication of the deBInfer application paper * internal function log_post_params now gracefully handels NaNs in the likelihood