dataquieR example report

Elisa Kasbohm, Joany Marino, Adrian Richter, Stephan Struckmann, Carsten Oliver Schmidt


This is a brief example report using dataquieR’s functions. For a longer and better elaborated example, please also consider our online example with data from SHIP.


Study data

The imported study data consist of:


The imported meta data provide information for:


The call of this R-function requires two inputs only:

Heatmap-like plot:


Unit missingness

Segment missingness

Item missingness

The following implementation considers also labeled missing codes. The use of such a table is optional but recommended. Missing code labels used in the simulated study data are loaded as follows:

The function call above sets the analyses of causes for missing values to TRUE, includes system missings with an own code, and sets the threshold to 80%.

Summary plot of item missingness


Limit deviations

Summary table

Inadmissible levels